Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Leads the Charge on the the Company’s Global Environmental Initiatives

If we looked at any major brand or organization operating in today’s business landscape, we’d likely find a commitment to environmentalism in their mission statement. The realities of climate change and its corresponding impact on the health and wellness of the planet have made it an utter reality that businesses must contend with. As more and more consumers turn toward corporations with consciousness, companies like Keter Group are excelling thanks to their true commitment to environmentalism.

CEO Alejandro Pena took to the forefront of the conversation to share his thoughts on the work being done at Keter Group. Brought onto the team in 2018 as the company’s CEO, Alejandro Pena, has played a pivotal role in unfurling a company focused on environmentalism at every level. Leading with the release of an Environmental Sustainability Report, Pena dove into the subject to share his thoughts with readers.

Core Pillars to Success as an Ethical Business

Alejandro Pena is one to lean on his optimism when it comes time to tackle significant projects. Pena believes and continues to prove that a company like his can yield positive outcomes for the environment and the communities it serves.

Pena said, “When we are told something cannot be done, we dare to do it.”

Keter Group has long been known for its focus on curating home lifestyle products built on sustainable solutions. Founded over 70 years ago, Keter Group would earn acclaim for using sustainable resin that looks great and lasts longer than comparable cheap materials. The long-lasting nature of the products lent themselves to Pena’s core mission of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

With the release of its environmental report, Pena laid bare the realities of the company’s success in the sustainability sector. Pena also took the release of its sustainability report as an opportunity to throw slight shade at companies that are not doing their part.

Pena said, “The era of greenwashing, in which businesses make exaggerated claims about their environmental initiatives, will eventually end as consumers become more aware and demand real action.”

Alejandro Pena is far from the kind of CEO to ignore the problems created by the pursuit of profit, though he believes that one does not have to have anything to do with the other. Pena said, “We think up the impossible and turn it into the possible.”

The products released by Keter Group are made from sustainable and reusable material that echoes natural wood and rattan furniture while offering longer-lasting durability. All products Keter releases, from storage sheds to lawn furniture, are weather-resistant and can withstand heavy use.

Pena said of the team of Keter Group, “We are relentless and determined. We are only satisfied with never being satisfied. We push ourselves to do more with less and make new from old.”

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